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Quarter Of Youth Mental Health Referrals Rejected

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Young people are being abandoned by NHS mental health services, after a report revealed a quarter of those who have been referred to a mental health specialist have been rejected for treatment.

This is according to the Education Policy Institute (EPI), which revealed as many as 133,000 young people have not been given the support they needed, despite some having a history of abuse or self-harm.

Author of the report Whitney Crenna-Jennings said: “There is a vast treatment gap, meaning the needs of hundreds of thousands of young people in England are not being met.”

The EPI document, which was based on Freedom of Information responses, showed 26 per cent of referrals to child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS) were rejected due to the fact the child did not meet eligibility criteria.

It went on to say there was “patchy” provision for young people in England, as a result of inconsistency across the services.

Mental health charity Mind told the BBC these findings are “deeply concerning”.

Spokesperson for the organisation Vicki Nash said: “We know that particularly for young people, timely and appropriate help can prevent further issues in later life. Too often the NHS is failing to provide this.”

Access to good-quality CAMHS is essential, as a previous study from Mind revealed three in five young people in the country have either been close to someone with a mental health problem, or have had first-hand experience of one themselves.

It also found that 14 per cent of adolescents between 11 and 19 believe the state of their mental health is poor or very poor.

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